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Carver P4 Furnace Pictures

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The P4 installed underneath the rear seat. The front of the van is toward the bottom of the picture. The propane line is on the far left; the valve is in the bottom of the loop of line. The cold air return is on the top right. The outlet duct is on the bottom right. The housing for the standard VW under-seat heater (that runs when the engine is running) is on the right. On the bottom left are two silver ducts that go into the floor - the one on the left is the air intake, and the one on the right is the exhaust. The exhaust is bigger because it has an extra heat shield around it.

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A view of the P4 from further away. You can see the beige warm air outlet just below and to the left of the seat latch knob.

Here's a blurry view of the furnace intake and flue underneath the van.  The view is from under the sliding door.  The exhaust flue is in the foreground; it ends up near the right rear jack point.  You can just barely see a little bit of the heat shield around it at the other end, where it goes up through the floor.  

Kevin enjoys the heat. The thermostat is just visible in the upper right corner of the picture, above the closet door.

A little closer view of the thermostat.