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Amy, Carolyn, Christina, Kevin, and Steven (top to bottom, left to right) in 2014.

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Carolyn, Christina, Steven, and Kevin (left to right) camping at Cuivre River State Park in Missouri in 1998.

A place for everything, and everything in it's place...

Those are Kevin's feet sticking up out of the bassinet. He's supposedly napping.

Everyone loves the pop-top bed. That's Christina on the right, with the Carlsgaard kids.

More kids in the pop-top - Christina and the Johnsons.

Busses by the Arch 1998. That's us in the middle.

Carolyn and Kevin relax while we wait for a tow truck.

The Vanagon goes for a ride.

Stuck again. Traveling this way really saves wear on the engine.

The vanagon goes for another ride - but this time on the river ferry, at Busses by the Arch 1998.